K a t i e (xheadstrongx) wrote,
K a t i e

update on my life...

Well, nothing has been happening with me. I'm really bored with life. I work and come home and thats it. During the day, it's too damn hot to do anything but sit in the pool and soak. Today it was 104, tomorrow it's supposed to get to be 109. How the fuck do people live in this kind of weather? Oh, and did I mention, my car dosen't have air conditioning? Yeah, my steering wheel could give me 3rd degree burns. My seat belt alone could burn a hole into your stomach.

Any ways, today was my day off from work, or it was supposed to be. When i got out of the shower today there was a message on my cell from work. I went in at 10:40 and didn't go home till 3:45. It wasn't really bad at all, it's just that i was only supposed to be there 'till 2:00, then my boss asked if I could stay an hour longer, then after that he asked me to stay another half hour. So by the time I got out of there, almost the whole day was gone.

Then I had a message from my cousin and went swimming over at her house. We decided we would go to get star-bucks like at 9:30. I met her there in my car cuz I had to go get gas. When I got there she wasn't feeling good and we were out of there by 10:30. SHe went home, but I went for a drive.

I drove all over the place, and where are the hot guys?? They are like an in-dangered species here. I got bored by 11:00 and drive home. Now I am watching Gladiator. My mom is watching Under the Tuscan sun downstairs. I was watching it with her, but that movie was depressing me. I was sitting there thinking, i used to have a hot foreign guy, and now look at me. So i went up stairs.

I don't know what they hell is up any more. Nothing thrills me any more. Next week I'm going to San Diego for the entire week ( no work, no nothing). I'm gunna go stay at this really nice hotel called the Baji. It's right on the beach. While I'm there I'm gunna go down to the board walk, go to sea world, and visit my cousins. So I'm looking forward to next week.

Then when I come back, on Aug 4th, Disturbed is coming to Bakersfield to play at Montgomery World Plaza, and I was planning on going. So if you wanna go, hit up my cell or something.

Well enough of that.
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